Why We Love our Local Devonshire Produce


As the aromas of succulent chicken, plump prawns and zesty spices fill our restaurant, it’s good to know we’re very conscious of where all of our high quality ingredients come from.

Yes, provenance and sustainability are very close to our hearts. And with such fantastic seasonal ingredients right on our doorstep, we’d be missing a trick if we didn’t make the most of nature’s delicious Devonshire bounty.

Roberts Fisheries deliver the freshest catch

Sumptuous fish and sweet, tasty shellfish are the talk of our restaurant and it’s easy to see why. We source them straight from family run business, Roberts Fisheries Ltd, set in the new multi-million pound quay at Brixham. Founders, Robert and Kelly Simonetti have been involved in the Torbay fishing industry for years, after opening a shop in Paignton, they moved to Brixham, to support local fishermen using local boats. They land fresh from the sea catches of the highest quality fish and shellfish, which change every day, keeping our menu exciting and varied. Delivered straight to our chefs, the freshness and vibrancy of flavours is unrivalled, making our hand-crafted dishes unique and memorable.

Sharpham Wine and Cheese for something irresistible

What a heavenly combination. Sharpham Wine and Cheese makers offer a truly exquisite choice of delightful classic wines and sumptuous cheeses, all produced on the banks of the River Dart, here in Totnes. A beautiful balance rarely found, offers perfect soil, optimum climate and a well-chosen grape variety. Together they create just the right conditions for their award wining wines. As for their artisan cheese selection, well it has to be tasted to be believed. Hand made in their own creamery, using the milk from their gorgeous Jersey cattle, the care, love and attention can be tasted in every mouth-watering bite. Why not pop for a tour and you’ll soon fall in love with them, just as our chefs did.

Pipers Farm promise meat nurtured as nature intended

Pipers Farm, grass-fed meat is an amazing find. Not only do they choose breeds that are native to Devon because they thrive here, they also let animals grow at their own, natural pace for the very best quality meat. From delicious duck, to lamb and beef, the difference in the dishes our chefs produce is incredible. With nothing wasted, even packaging is sustainably sourced for flavours and textures that are superb. Pipers Farm is right up our street.

Riverford Farm offers hearty organic veg

Imagine fields bursting with ripe, red strawberries and succulent spears of asparagus, busy with the hum of bees. Seasonal, organic fruit and fresh flavoursome veg, from avocados to zingy lemons are the staple of Riverford Farm. Grown for taste and free from anything that’s not natural, well that’s the beauty of this inspired farm. Delivering platefuls of flavour, they really are experts in bringing freshness, ripe for the season straight to our kitchen and into the hands of our more than happy team of chefs.

A delicious range of Beans and Beer

Our aromatic coffee, golden chilled beers and tantalising soft drinks in traditional glass bottles are also sourced from fantastic suppliers, only a short drive away. Again, helping the local community thrive and reducing transport emissions. All make sure we contribute to healthier us and a healthier, happier planet. You can find out more about our local, sustainable drinks, coffee and teas in the next tasty blog, we’re rustling up soon.

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