How to make baby’s first trip a soaring success


Becoming a family is an amazing experience but taking a well-earned break can sometimes feel like more effort than it’s worth. With a new born we get it. Everything takes forever. The mountain of stuff you have to pack just to pop to the shops is mind-blowing so that’s why we wanted to make it as easy as possible.

Everything taken care of

Our BE Baby Lodges are fully kitted out, totally dedicated to looking after babies and toddlers. Packing for every eventuality is tough and you’re bound to forget something, so we hope we’ve got it covered. For a great night or afternoon’s sleep we have safe, comfy cots and beds, with bedside guards for tots as well as dark blinds that make the sleep possible day or night!. Not forgetting baby monitors and easy to control temperatures. For peace of mind near doorways we have baby gates as well as anti-slip pads in showers, with plenty of bath toys so everyone can enjoy the fun. And remember, the nice thing about your own space is that when you’re singing nursery rhymes at 3am with a baby that’s more awake than you, your neighbours won’t hear a whisper. It’s a real home from home.

Dining in or out

Feeding time can be a tricky time. But don’t worry. Again, our BE Baby Lodges have a microwave to warm bottles, a steriliser, making that one less thing to pack and plenty of plastic containers to keep all those bits and bobs. Of course, you have your own fridge, and cooking facilities to keep everything cool and fresh before whipping up a culinary masterpiece even the fussiest kids love. And if you’re too tired, why not grab a BE Takeaway, have it delivered to your door without changing those slippers, or a nappy. Don’t forget the high chair and baby-safe cutlery and bowls we provide and if you need more, just give us a shout.

As for eating out, our BE Tempted Restaurant has an amazing menu for little ones to dive into whatever they love. Bring your own food for baby or choose from pizzas and wholesome freshly made burgers to chicken breast and beautiful locally sourced fish and veg for older children. We believe littlies should eat healthily too. With fresh orange juice and a gorgeous mix of sugar free drinks, little ones can eat like kings.

Always on hand

We all know it’s so easy to forget those essentials too. That’s why we offer plenty of soft fluffy towels for bath time and for older kids we’ve a stash of games and toys to keep them entertained inside. Outside they can dive into the great outdoors, with den building and nature walks. Brilliant as the seasons change bringing something new to see from frosty cobwebs and autumnal leaves to tiny buds and spring blooms.

If you’d like to book a BE Baby Lodge for yourself or any of our lodges, equally well equipped with high chairs, baby gates and travel cots, just let us know when making your booking.

Happy travelling!