How nature improves your wellbeing and rejuvenates your soul.


There’s nothing quite like pulling on a pair of bright wellies, grabbing a flask of steaming tea and heading out for a bracing country walk. Blowing the cobwebs away is great for boosting your wellbeing, lowering stress and giving the happy hormones a little kick. So at Beyond Escapes, we were wondering: What’s the secret behind the magic of the great outdoors?

Tech overload takes its toll

For us grown-ups, our ‘always on’ culture means we’re often rushing, always short of time and forever thinking of the next thing on our list. Work follows us home on smartphones. Even watching the TV screen isn’t relaxing any more. It’s an opportunity to multi-task, do a spot of online shopping, catch up with friends on social media. It’s no wonder all this spells task overload for our poor brains.

Nature is the best antidote

Cue peaceful blue skies, clean air, calming trees and miraculous tadpoles. What a welcome break. Who’d have thought, getting closer to nature allows us time to switch off and restore our mind and body. The beauty of nature, its soothing sounds, fragrances and wide-open spaces distract us from the claustrophobic stresses of busy lives. Appreciating bird song, humming bees and sweet-smelling flowers gives our minds a chance to slow down and take stock.

Anxiety, depression and stress eased

We discovered, a walk, cycle ride or even gardening in the great outdoors is known to improve our short-term memory, inspire creativity and rejuvenate our soul. Nature offers a moment of solace away from the chaos of modern life. A bubble of tranquillity that helps us revive our focus and boost concentration. It’s reported to promote deeper thinking, allowing us to focus our imagination, sharpen our problem solving and generates more original thinking. It’s also been found to improve mental health by reduce anxiety, depression and stress.

Children really benefit from being outdoors

For children, being outdoors has lots of physical benefits. Research shows it helps them develop strong healthy bones, a sense of resilience and improved social skills. It encourages curiosity and a love of the outdoors that grows through to adulthood, promoting a lifelong love of the countryside. What’s more, happy hormones are released during carefree play, climbing, discovering, which all become an important part of education.

A breath of fresh air providing a spiritual and physical boost

For adults and children, the outdoors has been proven to reduce the production of stress hormones, which in turn lowers heart rate, blood pressure and reduces muscle tension. It also reduces obesity which links to lowering the chances of diabetes developing. And guess what? All that fresh air and physical exertion will also help you sleep better too. It’s a win, win!

So, besides the fascinating views, gorgeous wildlife and fun den building here at Beyond Escapes, what’s not to love about the staggering emotional and physical health benefits of the great outdoors?

Or you could always find out for yourself at our BE Body & Soul Fitness & Wellness Weekend at the end of this month.