Pennywell Farm Christmas Nativity


Only 20 minutes drive from Beyond Escapes, Devon, is Pennywell Farm, where at Christmas time, the farm is transformed into a magical festive experience.

Leave the high street behind this Christmas and lose yourself in the joy and wonder of the festive season at Pennywell Farm’s Christmas Nativity, featuring Father Christmas and a host of Pennywell animals.

A Christmas Nativity suitable for the whole family

Suitable for the whole family, parents can either join in or sit back and watch their children from cosy straw bale seating.

Children can dress up as heavenly angels, shepherds watching their sheep, wise men travelling, innkeepers, and of course Mary and Joseph.

Every child will be greeted by Father Christmas and will receive their very own special Christmas gift, making a memorable occasion for all the family and a highlight of the holiday season.

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